Natural Stone Paving in Yorkshire

Natural Stone Paving for Driveways & Patios in Yorkshire

We have to admit that one of our favourite forms of paving is Natural Stone. It has been used for thousands of years. To say it is durable – well that is an understatement of course. One of the things we like about Natural Stone Paving is its uniqueness. It’s a natural product with texture and colour determined by geological processes rather than modern chemical dyes, it is incredibly strong and hard wearing.

The natural stone paving most commonly used in Britain is ‘York Stone‘ from the Pennine grits of northern England. However there are many other stone products used for paving – limestones from Derbyshire and North Yorkshire, Pennant from Gloucestershire, slate from Wales and Cornwall, various granites, basalts, whinstone and a host of other rock types. In addition to the fine Natural Stones from our British Isles there are several other types which are imported from around the world.

Moortown Paving & Driveways are approved Driveway Contractors for many of the leading paving brands and we offer manufacturer backed product guarantees and 5 Year Installation Guarantees on all driveways, patios and paths.

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Yorkshire Natural Stone Paving & Driveways