Block Paving & Driveways Knaresborough

Looking for Block Paving in Knaresborough?

Moortown Paving & Driveways have for many years been one of Yorkshires leading Block Paving, Driveways and Patio installers boasting vast experience, quality and reliability.

Whatever style, design, colour or technical specification of driveway or patio you require – Moortown Paving Knaresborough have a solution. A question commonly asked is “should I seal my driveway or patio?” It is not essential – but of course it can help you get the very best from your new driveway in Knaresborough.

There are many types of driveway and patio sealants and some are listed below:

  • Moisture cured urethanes.
  • Water based emulsions.
  • Solvent based acrylics.
  • Hydrated Polymer glues.

Driveway sealants are used as stain preventers, can help prevent or reduce weed growth and also aid structural integrity as well as help to enhance the colour of your block paved drvieway.

The most commonly used sealants are acrylics and urethanes (polyurethane), with acrylic sealants being most frequently used on domestic block paving and driveway installations in Knaresborough.

Acrylic sealants enhance the driveway or patio colour and give it an all year round “wet look”. Acrylic driveway sealants are less expensive than urethane driveway and patio sealants but do not resist oil or petrol spillages as their urethane counterparts. Acrylic driveway sealants are also more likely to need re-application more frequently.

Polyurethane based sealants are better at protecting your paving against petrol and other hydrocarbons. Quite often used in commercial block paving and driveway installations in the Knaresborough area. This type of sealant prevents staining and offers even better protection against weed growth.

Driveways in Knaresborough – Built to stand the test of time!

When installing Driveways and Block Paving in Knaresborough we always use a premium Eco Sand/Glass Sand which is far superior to Sharp Sand that many of our competitors use. This also helps combat weed growth and helps ensure a stronger base for any driveway installation.